7 tips to optimize your Facebook Ads

7 tips to optimize your Facebook Ads

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Do you run Facebook Ads?
More and more people are spending money on Facebook Ads, leading to substantially higher CPM and higher Cost per Engagement. Only by reducing cost can you survive in an increasingly competitive market. Here are 7 easy ways to help you optimize your Facebook ads & decrease cost

1. Optimize Delivery: Analyze whether your ad is delivering & distributing to the right audience (age, gender, city, etc.)

2. Optimize Ad Placement: Facebook sometimes intimidates newcomers with warnings like “if you remove Instagram, reach can drop by 30%…”. Don’t fall for it. Test and choose the right placements for your product/ service.

3. Reduce the Reach cost: Increase organic reach by Facebook SEO and hashtags & reduce CPM with video ads.

4. Retargeting: Run retargeting campaigns to those who are already interested in your product.

5. Optimize Images: Make sure the post’s image is eye-catching that users have to click.

6. Optimize content: Make the headline and the first 8-10 lines tick.

7. Encourage action: Explicitly ask readers to act: like, comment, share, tag a friend, click on the link.

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