Aurora Digital is featured on Yle’s Morning TV!

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In the program, Heikki Hilpelä, Aurora Digital’s Chairman, and Ulla Hiekkanen-Mäkelä, Head of Talent Boost Finland at Business Finland, discussed how well-educated immigrants have been making a positive impact on Finland and how the country can become an even better place for international entrepreneurs and talents.
We are humble that Aurora Digital team is featured as an example of highly skilled and hard-working foreigners who come to Finland and decide to embrace entrepreneurship.
For your information, #YLE is Finland’s national public television channel, so this is a great honor!

There is also a part of the interview with our CEO Ngoc (Alicia) Le and CTO Emil Östlin, in which they shared their insights about building a business in Finland.

✅A transparent & easy-to-access administration system
✅Professional and friendly administrative staffs who always answer questions timely
✅A great education system that gives a strong business foundation
✅Great social stability which gives us the peace of mind to build a business (and a family) in Finland

❌Limited network since we are immigrants here
❌Finnish language as one of the main barriers
❌Official tax documents, Finnish business law and many other things are only available in Finnish or Swedish

All in all, the opportunities overshadow the challenges.

? You can watch the full show here

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