I am a guest speaker at the FINN-ASIAN SME BUSINESS CONFERENCE 2018!

I am a guest speaker at the FINN-ASIAN SME BUSINESS CONFERENCE 2018!

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UPDATED: I’m glad to share that the FINN-ASIAN SME BUSINESS CONFERENCE 2018 was successful! Thank you all for coming!

Here are some photos of the event.

It’s official! I will be one of the guest speakers at the 1st FINN-ASIAN SME BUSINESS CONFERENCE on 5th December 2018.

I have this great honor to represent Asian entrepreneurs & youth leaders at an international event that aims to promote a healthier and more robust ecosystem for foreign entrepreneurship to flourish and prosper in Finland. I’ll share lessons about life and entrepreneurship I’ve learned as a startup Co-founder at Aurora Digital. There will be other event speakers coming from the Asian business community, embassies and Finnish academy & government.

Thank Vanitsri Tirkkonen for your invitation! This is a great opportunity for me to get over my fear of public speaking. I wasn’t sure if I could do this until I met you.

Vanitsri is the founder of The Finnish – Thai Association & Nordic – Asean Business Forum & CEO of Golden Dust ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) Business Management. Her relentless commitment to support the local Asian community and strengthen the Nordic-ASEAN business relationship really inspires me to join the force.

The event is 2 months away, but you can already get your tickets now!

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