I just got 2,000 connections on LinkedIn!

I just got 2,000 connections on LinkedIn!

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Today I break another milestone of 2,000 connections on Linkedin! The more time I spend on LinkedIn, the more I realize how powerful a platform it is for professional networking. It’s definitely a place to be in if you’re serious about your business and/ or career.

LinkedIn can help headhunters find candidates, job seekers find employment, sales & marketing managers find clients, and entrepreneurs like me find goodwill, advice & mentorship from incredible people Рthose who simply want to help others thrive and succeed rather than asking for something in return.

There are always the good, the bad and the ugly. But if you strongly believe in what you’re doing, don’t make excuse or wait for luck, do actively broaden your network, share your knowledge, search for opportunities, and reach out to people. There will always be people who may just be interested in your profile and are so kind to help you out!