Friends! Son & I have been working on a unisex sneaker project the past year. We’re creating the world’s first sneaker made from…..wait for it…..Coffee & Plastic waste. Btw, the shoe is 100% waterproof too. Below is a cinema teaser of Rens (better with sound, thank me later?)Cool, WHAT NOW?We’re launching a very limited release next month and will give away a number of FREE sneakers to our mailing list subscribers to get feedback. If you’re interested in being literally the first in the world to get your hands/feet on these bad boys (or gals) & even developing Rens further with me. You can subscribe to our mailing list on those who don’t get a free pair, we’ll still present a very VERY discounted pricing offer for you to purchase RENS)On top, I’m also interested in talking with like-minded fellows who are interested in consumer products or greentech or BOTH. If you’re or you know who are, please drop me a message in the comment or pm, me will love you long time.Talking about #greentech, I’m proud to represent #Finland & Aalto Startup Center in the grand final of ClimateLaunchpad 2018, Europe’s largest green startup competition this Wednesday in Edinburgh, Scotland. If you’re around, drop me a line and let’s go have some Scotch. If not, you can still see me pitch LIVE via live.climatelaunchpad.orgPeace!( #CoffeeSneaker #CLP18 #ClimateLaunchpad

Gepostet von Jesse Khanh Tran am Mittwoch, 31. Oktober 2018

Introduce RENS – the world’s first sneaker made from coffee & recycled plastic

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Coffee and plastic waste don’t seem to share anything in common.

Put seemingly unrelated things in the hands of “crazy” entrepreneurs and suddenly an incredible product is born ?

Rens is the world’s first sneaker made from coffee & recycled plastic. It’s no ordinary shoes ? you can buy from the stores nearby.

⚡ It’s water-proof. Thanks to cutting-edge nanotechnology, a revolutionary Waterproof Layer is applied to the shoes, offering a 100% protection against liquid penetration.

⚡ It’s odor-free. The natural power of coffee material easily absorbs and eliminates odor, allowing wearers’ feet to always stay fresh without compromising an active lifestyle.

⚡ It’s unique in style. The eye-catching design with a twist makes sure the owners stand out in the crowd, dare them to break boundaries, follow their dreams and make a huge impact on their surroundings.

⚡ All in all, RENS is a sustainable product that is made to challenge the norm and to empower the next generation of world changers.

RENS will be on pre-order soon next month, but you can subscribe to their newsletter and get notified when you can purchase these amazing sneakers.

The bold inventors of Rens happen to be my friends Jesse Khanh Tran & Chu Hoang Son. They’re one-of-a-kind entrepreneurs that you really want to connect with!

“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”