Latest testimonial from our client Passive House Association Finland

Latest testimonial from our client Passive House Association Finland

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“We came to this project with little idea how to achieve our goal. Through a long but fruitful process, Aurora Digital team proved to be a trustworthy and skillful service provider & partner. With their guidance, they helped us to materialize our idea of the Finnish Passive House Association into a clean and appealing website, easy to navigate and to update. I am really happy with their work. We will continue to work with Aurora Digital team to develop other features of the website”, Sergio Rossi, Co-founder of the @Passive House Association Finland & Director at Delsus Oy.

For those who are not familiar with the term, Passive Houses are low-energy buildings that actually work! While the concept of Passive House has gained popularity all over the world and Passive House Associations were established in many countries, such an association hasn’t been in existence in Finland. This fact drives Sergio and his team to take action.

Aurora Digital has the honor to collaborate with our client on a beautiful and meaningful mission. The result is a clean, elegant and functional website that captures the spirit of Passive Houses.
The case study will be released soon!

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