Multi-tasking: An essential skill or a health threat?

Multi-tasking: An essential skill or a health threat?

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It’s human’s ability to perform multiple tasks at the same time.

We often multitask without even realizing

Watching TV while checking texts

Listening to music while working

Or walking while talking to someone.

It’s a skill most employers want you to possess.

Workers are expected to handle simultaneous demands

Through email, text messages, phone calls, and in-person contact with constituents.

It’s become the norm to check your phone and your email while working on other tasks.

With multi tasking, we believe to do more with less time.

When searching for multi tasking on Google

Plenty of articles appear with tips and tricks to boost this skill.

But there are harmful risks of it to our health and productivity.

Study found that chronic media multitaskers exhibited weakness in both working memory (the ability to store relevant information while working on a task) and long-term memory.

Researchers examined the link between multitasking, media use, and emotional health

Found out that the more participants multitasked, the more likely there were to report symptoms of depression and social anxiety.

Do you frequently multitask and how is your experience?

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