Perceiving the “decoy effect” in Marketing makes us become “smart customers”?

Perceiving the “decoy effect” in Marketing makes us become “smart customers”?

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The answer is here.

“Decoy effect” means our choices among various options influenced by some factors which are intentionally added by marketers. You want to buy a new laptop with your budget € 1000, for example, and it tends to render you dazed if you see three streak options: € 800 for a new laptop, € 840 for the same laptop and a speaker, and € 100 for only a speaker.

The first option seems reasonable, but we will be confused about the second option. We think we can save € 60 if we choose the second nomination and think the speaker is also useful for us in the future. So now, you are happy and go home with your bargain.

Surprisingly, marketers use the first and the third option akin to the decoy to persuade customers to buy the second one – the things that a company wants to sell. They tend to make us feel confused and think about the bargain we can gain.

Turning back to the question in the headline of this post, we find the answer is depending on you!

Recognize what they are doing, and what we do in that situation is different. So, the tip is you should shape your mind to focus on items to purchase, not only do calculate the price per unit but also determine how much of that item you surely demand.
The small change of your mind can lead you to another result!
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