An Art Website

An Art Website

The client is an artist who is a perfectionist and has a limitless imagination. Her current website is out of date, and she came to me asking for a refresh of her online face. A very demanding person, she asked for a full customization and pixel-perfectness with a lot of artistic twists .

The result

A clean, artistic website with a lot of fine touches and correctness to pixels (literally): A ranibow-color-changing effect, floating and rotating texts, text maps with full-screen images, modern modal box and pop up, and content-copyright feature (to prevent online theft). Although the site looks very simple at first glance, it took me a lot of time and effort to develop as the client demanded attention to the smallest details.


“I am happy to recommend Duc’s website services. He is a reliable, efficient and innovative website designer and provides professional and fully customisable solutions to all kinds of marketing requirements.
It has been a pleasure working with him. In addition to creating a visually engaging, personalised and functional design, his services extend from website performance optimisation to in-depth knowledge on website design and technology options and customisations.”