CryptoKitties (Growth Hacking)

CryptoKitties (Growth Hacking)

Last week I started a fun Growth Hacking project about a trendy subject. After a week here is I achieved:

⚡A Facebook Group of 672 highly active members that keeps growing organically. The most engaged post has 50 Comments, 47 Likes and 395 Views. This group is one of the biggest and the most active groups about the subject on Facebook!

⚡A Facebook Fan Page of 358 Likes that keeps growing organically. The most engaged post reached 2107 people, has 310 Likes, 15 comments and 3 shares.

⚡An informative, fully functional, SEO-friendly website whose daily traffic keeps growing organically. Today’s traffic is about 200. Total sessions in 6 days is 900 (excluding internal and spam traffic), total pageviews 2,772. Pages/ session is 3.08, average session duration approximately 5 minutes! Bounce rate is 47.39%. New sessions account for 67.41%. 55.5% traffic is from Organic Search (Google), 37% from Social (Facebook).

⚡Top ranking on SERP (Search Engine Result Page). #1, #2, #3 for important keywords and top ten for many related keywords.

Not too shabby a result in a short time, huh ? Interested in learning how I did it? Read my blog on how to grow hack from absolutely zero to massive numbers of facebook group members, fans, followers and website visitors!