GEM Property Oy

GEM Property Oy

Pekka from GEM Property came to me after hearing good words from a friend. He and two partners decided to found a real-estate consulting agency and now they had to (find somebody who could) make their website in less than 10 days so that they could launch the business officially. The guys were demanding – they wanted a functional, beautiful, bilingual business site. They wanted it to be unique, fast and SEO friendly. I thought I could be able to deliver what they expected, so I agreed to take the project.

The result

A visually appealing with fine touches here and there were delivered in a week after continuous communication exchange back and forth to meet tight deadline. All the requirements from major to minor were met, so the clients were very satisfied with the end result. I also help the client set up, and then taught them how to use Google Search Console, Google Analytics and Google Local Business.


The quality of work Duc did with our website was excellent. He was able to cope with a tight timetable and had very good communication skills with the ability to listen what us as a client wanted and put it into practice. I highly recommend Duc“, Pekka Sirén, Founding Partner at GEM Property Oy.