Stereoscape Oy

Stereoscape Oy

The project was carried out and finished during my employment at Stereoscape. At that time the company was under a massive business structure. The former website was too old-fashioned, unappealing with a confusing structure and couldn’t functionally and visually deliver the right message to Stereoscape’s clients. Therefore, the management decided a new website had to be constructed. A team of three people, including the CEO, the Communications & Marketing Manager and me, were trusted for the task. I was the “technical” guy in the team, responsible for all the technical implementations and executions. Colloborating closely with the team, I put all of my relevant skills, from Website development, WordPress, to Design, to SEO into the projects.

The result

A clean yet beautiful, SEO-friendly WordPress website was designed and developed with a bunch of new features. The website was designed with all the best SEO on-site practices: clear message, easy navigation, fast loading speed, optimized photos, search-engine-friendly URLs, proper meta tags for SERP and social media, etc. Above all, a beautiful website that users enjoy to spend time on. I had been able to meet all the requirements and tackled many challenges along the way in order to deliver the final version of the website. Stereoscape’s board management and the CEO highly appreciated the new website and gave large credit to my work. I myself learnt a lot from this project, not only about the technical knowledge and skills, but also about teamwork and project management.


I worked with Duc together at Stereoscape renewing the company’s web-pages. Duc’s technical knowledge in digital marketing and especially his excellent skills in web-design were a great asset to the project. Duc has great go-get-it attitude, that fears no obstacles and is ready to solve any problem that comes along. He is dedicated and loyal, and all together a very nice person to work with

Helena Pekkarinen, Communications & Marketing Consultant at Stereoscape.