Today I learnt that not every customer brings you the same value – the hard way!

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This client really drives me crazy. Have been working with her on a creative project for 10 months and it can never be finished because of her so-called perfectionism and changing-ideas-like-clothes nature. I understand changes are inevitable and I’m totally fine and professional when clients asking for changes. But god it doesn’t mean she keeps changing everything for ever! Does this client know any project MUST end at some point and her project is not the only one I work on? Sometimes I’m baffled with the question whether she has ever felt tired and bored and just wanted to put and end to this thing like me. If I had knew it all, I would have rejected the project from day 1. Not worth at all. Now I’m too scared to provide any further support to her.
The financial compensation can’t even make up for my time and effort into this project. And I haven’t received the payment up until this moment, while the client keeps sending new emails – we’ve exchanged hundreds of emails I believe. I remember in a book it says that not all customers bring you equal values, which I completely agree. Some customers are too costly and not worthy to acquire, satisfy and retain that you should forgone them and focus on other customers instead.