What is Email Automation? An Example

What is Email Automation? An Example

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Have you heard about “Email Marketing Automation”? Ever wonder what’s the difference between the typical newsletters and automatic emails?

While newsletters and one-off campaigns that you send to your email lists periodically to share your latest news, automatic email campaigns (or drip campaigns, or lifecycle emails, or autoresponders) are those that are set up once and trigger off of a user’s action.

Automatic emails are timely, personalized and relevant to the readers. As a result, they are opened and clicked more frequently, driving website visits and thus sales.

Take this email sequence as an example:
#1: “Welcome” email
#2: “Social proof/ testimonial” email
#3: “Whitepaper/ e-Book/ Blog/ Resource” email
#4: “Product demo” email
#5: “Webinar” email
#6: “Webinar last chance” email
#7: “Webinar transcript” email
#8: “Discount promotion for non-buyers” email

This is a “Lead Nurturing” campaign. As the leads pass through the sequence, they are warmed up and ready to converse. Best of all, email receivers DON’T have to go through all of the emails. Once they converse, they are immediately moved to another sequence, the “New Customer” campaign.

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