What is Retargeting/ Remarketing? An Example

What is Retargeting/ Remarketing? An Example

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It’s time to shop for winter clothes, so you visited an online fashion shop to browse their offers. You really liked a red sweater that you spent one-minute scrutinizing the product images and read reviews. For some reason, you didn’t continue shopping and just left the site.

Later you went to your favorite online newspaper. You saw Ads banners of that red sweater, on the right side bar and in-between the paragraphs of an article you were reading.

Then you went to Facebook. As you were scrolling through your news feed, you noticed something familiar! The same red sweater that you were looking at on that fashion shop was now right in front of your eyes, again. The texts even sounded like they were written for you “You look amazing on this red sweater! ..”

This is no coincidence nor magic. In Marketing term, it’s called “Retargeting/ Remarketing”.

For most websites, only 2% of visitors will actually make a purchase on their first visit. That’s where Retargeting/ Remarketing steps in – to help companies reach the 98% of website visitors who don’t convert right away.

What is your thought about “Retargeting/ Remarketing”?
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Cartoon by marketoonist.com