Friends! Son & I have been working on a unisex sneaker project the past year. We’re creating the world’s first sneaker made from…..wait for it…..Coffee & Plastic waste. Btw, the shoe is 100% waterproof too. Below is a cinema teaser of Rens (better with sound, thank me later?)Cool, WHAT NOW?We’re launching a very limited release next month and will give away a number of FREE sneakers to our mailing list subscribers to get feedback. If you’re interested in being literally the first in the world to get your hands/feet on these bad boys (or gals) & even developing Rens further with me. You can subscribe to our mailing list on those who don’t get a free pair, we’ll still present a very VERY discounted pricing offer for you to purchase RENS)On top, I’m also interested in talking with like-minded fellows who are interested in consumer products or greentech or BOTH. If you’re or you know who are, please drop me a message in the comment or pm, me will love you long time.Talking about #greentech, I’m proud to represent #Finland & Aalto Startup Center in the grand final of ClimateLaunchpad 2018, Europe’s largest green startup competition this Wednesday in Edinburgh, Scotland. If you’re around, drop me a line and let’s go have some Scotch. If not, you can still see me pitch LIVE via live.climatelaunchpad.orgPeace!( #CoffeeSneaker #CLP18 #ClimateLaunchpad

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Introduce RENS – the world’s first sneaker made from coffee & recycled plastic

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Coffee and plastic waste don’t seem to share anything in common. Put seemingly unrelated things in the hands of “crazy” entrepreneurs and suddenly an incredible product is born ? Rens…

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What is Retargeting/ Remarketing? An Example

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It’s time to shop for winter clothes, so you visited an online fashion shop to browse their offers. You really liked a red sweater that you spent one-minute scrutinizing the…

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