3 types of Facebook Audience You Need to Know

3 types of Facebook Audience You Need to Know

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If you don’t target the right audience, no matter how much money you burn on Ads, it will never bring sales. Luckily, Facebook is generous enough to give you 3 types of audience for your Ads campaign.

? Standard Audience: you specify your audience’s sex, age, location, interest, behavior, etc. When you run your first ads, you will usually go with this audience. To target effectively, you need to understand your product, your ideal customers, their habits and behaviors on Facebook.

? Custom Audience: people who have interacted with your fan page, watched your videos, visited your website, bought from you. This audience group is ideal for re-targeting/ re-marketing. Think about it: Those who have made a purchase from you are more likely to buy from you again. You can cross-sell/ up-sell to your custom audience at a much lower cost than first-time visitors.

? Lookalike Audience: Due to its massive data, Facebook can help you find potential customers whose profiles and behaviors are similar to those of your existing customers. This is one method to scale successful campaigns without exhausting your budget into Standard Audience.

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