I want to share with you a project called Entrepreneurs Of Finland I have been working on in the past 3 months

I want to share with you a project called Entrepreneurs Of Finland I have been working on in the past 3 months

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Entrepreneurs of Finland features inspiring and insightful stories of entrepreneurs, startup founders, business owners and self-employed from all walks of life in Finland. Everyone has a unique story, especially entrepreneurs. Their stories of failure and success, of struggling and thriving can help inspire and encourage people to embrace entrepreneurship or to do things they are passionate about but have never get started.

We want to promote entrepreneurship in Finland and to honor the entrepreneurs for their hard work and contribution to the country’s economy & society. Simultaneously, we want to make our collection of entrepreneurial stories a resource for inspiration to support all entrepreneurship enthusiasts in Finland and around the world.

We publish our content on our website and share on our Social Media pages. Here is our Facebook page.

We started this project in July. After 3 months of operation, we have interviewed 12 amazing entrepreneurs and published 8 inspiring stories, with many more to come.

In addition to full-length articles, we are going to add cinematic videos to help tell our entrepreneurs’ stories in a more visual and engaging way. Stay tuned for our first Video Story which will be released next week!

Despite a young project, Entrepreneurs of Finland has been well received among our audience. Our website has welcome thousands of visitors per month. Our Facebook page has around 2,000 fans at the moment and our social media posts have reached more than 100.000 people worldwide.

We realize that Entrepreneurs of Finland has a lot of potentials and that it can be a great addition to complete the “big picture” of the Finnish startup ecosystem. The future looks very promising and we are ready to push this project forward, making it into something bigger and more impactful.

We are looking for
1) Partners to help us grow this project to its full potential. So far we have established partnerships with NewCo Helsinki, Maria 01, Haaga-Helia StartUp School, The Shortcut, Vietnamese Entrepreneurship Society in Finland (Thank you for your support!!! It means a lot to me and my team). We are looking to partner with governmental organizations, non-profit associations, entrepreneurship societies, academic institutions, media publishers, online newspapers, citizen communities. If you are interested in partnering with us and support our project, please email to partner@entrepreneursoffinland.fi
2) Team members. We are currently a team of 4 people and are looking for a Photographer, a Growth Marketer, a Instagram Marketer, a Youtube Marketer, a Graphic Designer. If you are interested in joining our team and making a lasting impact, please go to our website to learn more about the open positions and how to apply. Most positions can be done remotely.
3) Entrepreneurs with an inspiring story to feature. If you know somebody like that, nominate him/ her to Entrepreneurs of Finland! Please fill in the Nomination form on our website.
4) Funding for social projects. If you know any fundings we can apply for, please share the information to info@entrepreneursoffinland.fi

Thank you for reading! Please feel free to share this information with your network.
Let’s make this world a more entrepreneurial place!

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