I doubled my LinkedIn connections in 10 weeks. You can do it too!

I doubled my LinkedIn connections in 10 weeks. You can do it too!

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Two and a half month ago, I posted a post boasting that I had grew my LinkedIn connection to 2.000. Today that number rises to 4.000+ connections. Every day on average 20-30 professionals believe that my profile is relevant to them, so they agree to join my network, thus making up 800+ new connections per month. The “conversion rate” is almost 40%, which means out of 100 invitations to connect I send, 40 are accepted. Connections are generally high-quality profiles, many are Marketing experts, executives, directors, managers, which in turn strengthens my profile.

According to LinkedIn, in the past 90 days, I’ve got 1.249 profile viewers, which basically means users who got curious/ interested in my profile and decided to pay it a visit. Looking at the graph, I notice some interesting facts:

1) during the summertime, there was a sharp drop in profile views, which seems understandable because of the holidays.

2) The graph peaked during the first week of June, at 160 views.

3) during the experimental periods when I was not active on the platform (not producing my own content & engaging with other people’s content), the profile visits also declined. The opposite happened when I was more active.

4) The lowest growth rate is 11% in the last week of May, while the highest growth rate is 59% in the first week of August.

5) Fortunately, the upward trend seems to pick up again right in August, after the long summer.

My recent post, which is a purely informative intro, got 17 likes, 2 comments, 3 shares, and 1.304 views so far, which is not bad considering I’m not “aggressively” active. It encourages me to be more confident on the platform. In the end, isn’t that the purpose of social platforms? To connect people, to share with and learn from each other, and to grow your self into a better human.

What’s in it for you? Try to invest a small amount of your daily time to grow your LinkedIn network. You’ll be surprised to see how much you can gain from it.

By no mean, I’m a guru with dozen years of experience. I’m just a young professional, but determined enough to go the distance. If you struggle to grow your LinkedIn, or doubt the Returns on Investments, comment here and share with me your thoughts. I was there, and even now, but that doesn’t stop me from learning from my mistakes and keep moving forward. You can do it too!

If there is enough interested audience, I will update this post sharing my journey of doubling LinkedIn connections in less than 3 months (so-called LinkedIn Growth Hacking How-to), KPIs, ROIs, the strategy and tactics I’ve been doing that prove to work, along with some of the motivating outcomes I get out of LinkedIn networking.

For sure there will be a lot of manual, time-consuming tasks to do, but there is a catch! If you’re interested, connect with me and drop a message for the catch.