The Startup Idea Contest 2019 has ended successfully

The Startup Idea Contest 2019 has ended successfully

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… with the Grand Finale in Berlin last week.

For the first time in history, Vietnamese talents and entrepreneurs all over Europe and the world got a chance to gather on one stage in a continental-level competition.

The Final Round is the result of 6-month- preparation with so much sweat, tears and sleepless nights from the organizing team. Kudos to the amazing guys and girls from the Vietnam Startup Network in Europe team for making all of this happen against all odds.

Vietnamese Entrepreneurship Society in Finland has the honor to participate in the event as the co-organizer of the event. As a member of the organizing team, I’m very proud of what our teams have been able to achieve together.

I personally appreciate the chance to meet, talk and listen to super talented, successful Vietnamese people whom I truly admire and look up to. Thank you for all the inspiration, wisdom and energy you gave me!

Lastly, congratulations to all the participating startups. I really hope that the Startup Idea Contest will be a great experience for you to fine-tune your business ideas and push your startups forward.

The only way to go is up!

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