Are you on the right track to SUCCESS?

Are you on the right track to SUCCESS?

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One of the best definitions of success is the achievement of a goal. While those goals are different for each person, there are common traits that separate those who achieve their goals from those who come up short.

Successful people
? Compliment
? Have a sense of gratitude
? Forgive others
? Give other people credit for their victories
? Accept responsibility for their failures
? Read every day
? Keep a journal
? Talk about ideas
? Want others to succeed
? Share information and data
? Keep a “to-be” list
? Exude joy
? Set goals and develop life plans
? Operate from a transformational perspective
? Embrace change
? Continuously learn
? Keep a “to-do” list

Unsuccessful people
? Criticize
? Have a sense of entitlement
? Hold a grudge
? Take all the credit for their victories
? Blame others for their failures
? Watch TV every day
? Say they keep a journal but really don’t
? Talk about people
? Secretly hope others fail
? Hoard information and data
? Don’t know what they want to be
? Exude anger
? Operate from a transactional perspective
? Never set goals
? Fear change
? Think they know it all
? Fly by the seat of their pants

Do you agree?
What you’re doing well and what you’re missing?
Take a moment to reflect on yourself. You may find a few areas for improvement that can lead you further on your path to success.
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