How to build a Facebook Ad Funnel (Podcast sharing)

How to build a Facebook Ad Funnel (Podcast sharing)

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Far too many people make the mistake of picking the right conversion objective. While it’s true that a few people may still do a macro-conversion on their first-time visit, the chance is much lower and the cost is much higher compared to micro-conversions.

Facebook recommends that the conversion type you choose happens about 50 times per week per ad set. Essentially, Facebook needs at least 50 conversions to look at the users and see who they are and what they do in order to find other users who are like them.

When you run a conversion campaign that doesn’t have enough data, Facebook isn’t exactly sure how to optimize for it. A lot of people don’t know that, though, so they pick something that doesn’t happen very often.

Instead of hoping people buy your products or sign up for your services right away, why not targeting actions that happen earlier in the funnel? Think about smaller steps where maybe you do get 50 conversions per week.

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