Why you should actively like, comment & share others’ content on LinkedIn

Why you should actively like, comment & share others’ content on LinkedIn

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You scroll your LinkedIn News Feed, you see an interesting post/ image/ video by a connection of your network. You may or may not know him/ her personally, but you think you can like and comment on the post, expressing your opinion on that particular subject. You can even share it.

Except that you don’t.

I’m not a psychologist to explain why you behave the way you do.

Today I’m just convincing you why you should actively engage/ interact with others.

Believe it or not, you only benefit yourself by liking, commenting and sharing others’ content on LinkedIn.

When you like a post, the author of that post will receive a notification about your like. He/ she may be curious about you and decide to pay your profile a visit. It’s a good chance to sell yourself and your product/ service.

When you comment on a post, you gain not only the attention of the author but also a chance to involve in an intellectual discussion about the topic.

Do your best to provide high-quality, relevant comment, because if your comment is good and resonate, you’re inviting other professionals to join the debate.

When more people like and comment on your comments (sounds weird, I know!), it will pop to the top of the comment section. Even better, their 2nd and 3rd connection will also see their engagement with your comments.

Furthermore, when you like and comment on a post, LinkedIn algorithm will automatically show your activity to a portion of your network, generating even more traction.

When you share a post, it is the ultimate type of engagement. You not only show your strong stand on the subject but also express your willingness to share helpful information and valuable knowledge to your network. Too good of an opportunity to sell/ pitch yourself, right?

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