How do you deal with rejection?

How do you deal with rejection?

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Today I have a question to ask you: HOW DO YOU DEAL WITH REJECTION?

Let’s face it. 
Rejection is something we have to deal with a lot of the time in your life.

Apply for a job, but they don’t hire?
Make an offer to clients, but they don’t buy?
Want to get along with co-workers, but they don’t like?
Propose to a loved one, but they are not “fine”? (Ok this is too much…)

Rejection is an unavoidable aspect of being human in a society. 
No one has ever succeeded in life without having to deal with hundreds of thousands of rejection. 
We all experience it. 
The way we deal with rejection tells very much about ourselves.

I want to hear your thought. 
What do you do to survive the harsh feeling of being rejected and keep moving forward?

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