Coffee or tea? 9 health benefits of drinking tea

Coffee or tea? 9 health benefits of drinking tea

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When I first came to Finland, I was surprised at how much coffee people consume every day. In fact, Finland has the HIGHEST per capita coffee consumption rates in the world, at around 12 kg yearly!

There is an interesting trend though: more and more people are drinking tea.

While coffee keeps the brains awake, the growing interest in tea is due to health reasons. Tea’s health benefits are rather well-known among health-conscious people:

1. tea helps strengthen your immune system.
2. Tea is fantastic at hydrating the body and replenishing your fluid intake.
3. Tea helps reduce the chances of developing certain kinds of cancers and tumors.
4. Tea keeps you going for longer in comparison to coffee.
5. There are a ton of antioxidants in tea, much more than you’re likely to get in coffee. Antioxidants keep you looking fresh, feeling great.
6. Tea helps you shed some weight.
7. Tea is pretty good for your teeth.
8. Tea helps strengthen your bones.
9. Tea helps reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Ready to drink more tea and live a healthier life?
If you’re in Helsinki, you want to visit the lovely Old Tea Shop, located at Vilhonkatu 4.
Thank Mikko Nygrén for inviting me to the tea tasting!

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